Living,今天因为进错电影院(省略一万字)凑巧看到的trailer,觉得可以看看,好久没看见Bill Nighy了:star_struck:
片子是翻拍1952年的Ikiru,灵感来自托尔斯泰的The Death of Ivan Ilyich。

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I don’t know why but Bill Nighy always reminds me of Prince Philip

To the point that when I saw the poster of this film the other day and immediately thought, “wasn’t he dead?”

He’s one of the very few actors I liked for no apparent reason at all haha
I could even put up with Underworld for him!


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我从来没把这两人的脸联系起来过 :sweat_smile:

I don’t know, for example the only thing I remembered about Michael Portillo is his humongous nose

impossible to miss :nose:t2:


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That wasn’t Bill’s finest moment…

There was this impressively cheap plasticky skin scene from Underworld which I would never be able to forget :joy:

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It still puzzles me how they managed to get 5 films out if it

Didn’t bother to watch the rest after they Killed Bill :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This big nose is not for nothing back in Cambridge era.

And his colourful trousers are very inspiring

我印象里他是个爹宝男、抱本小红书穿各种颜色的裤子满街跑:rofl: 我爹我爹的,可我竟然还挺喜欢他的,话说好久没见到他了

I used to watch his train travel documents a lot and thought not many could pull off those colourful outfits as well as he did. Not that it matters, but is Portillo gay?

I guess jazzy trousers don’t seem that out of ordinary to me compare to the surface area of his nose :joy:

Ann widdecombe, Michael and dominic

Hahaha Dominic the omnipresent