The tribute to Jacques Delors

The tribute to Jacques Delors, one of the founding fathers of the single market and the modern EU (Jacques Delors - Wikipedia) who passed away on 27th Dec 2023 at the age of 98, took place in Paris yesterday.

None of the British politicians from the Tories or the Labour or any other parties showed up.
They’re either blatantly rude, or not invited… my guess is the latter :expressionless:

Henceforth with a surprising uniformity, none of the British MSM covered the event.
Collective senior moment :nerd_face:

well, 不用过分解读吧。Delors 这种 hard core European Union integrationist。都brexit了, 英国政客也很难做啊,不是rude.

In my dictionary this will forever mean “men who have sex with men” :sweat_smile: